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Game Room

AT QC Family Entertainment in Moline, IL, our state-of-the-art video and redemption game room has more than 65 games for all ages!  Win virtual tickets on your game card, then be sure to visit the Redemption Counter to exchange your tickets for great prizes!

Games range in cost from $0.25 to $3.00 per play.

All of our games work on the Embed game card system which means there are no tokens to carry around and all the “tickets” you win are automatically loaded onto your game card for your convenience! It works by purchasing a game card at either of our two kiosks located throughtout the game room or at the Redemption Counter for any dollar amount (kiosks do not provide change). There is no charge for the actual card!  Now you’re ready to swipe your game card and play! You may reload your game card at any time by using the kiosks or at the Redemption Counter. If at any point you want to check the amount of “tickets” you have accumulated on your card, you may do so at one of our two Check Balance Stations located throughout the game room or see an attendant at the Redemption Counter.

We also have a few token-operated games. They are classic games that require a token in order to play. If you choose to play these games, you must first purhcase tokens with your game card from either of our two token machines located throughout the game room. Simply swipe your card and tokens will be dispensed in either $1 or $5 amounts. Insert the token into the game that you wish to play, and if you win, you must swipe your card to collect the “tickets” won. These games will ONLY accept our exclusive QC Family Entertainment tokens. Currency or tokens from other facilities will not work and may cause damage to our games.

Game Card Registration: We encourage everyone to register their game card with our system so that it can be directly linked to them. In order to do this, simply use one of our kiosks or ask an attendant at the redemption counter for assistance. Registering your game card has many benefits. First and foremost, its a excellent way to prevent loss by theft or misplacement. It also allows us to send you exclusive coupons through our email club!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us or stop in and speak with a game room attendant.

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